Products & Services

Combat Farming® is here to provide quality agriculture and livestock training, utilizing low-tech processes and methods derived from 1880’s farming.  These practices are ideally suited for homestead, small scale and medium sized farming endeavors.  The knowledge shared and skills taught through our training translate into useful disaster preparedness and self-reliance tools.

Our programs build upon the team’s combined experience as Combat Farmers.  Each of our trainers has worked with the military and on global projects – going places few have thought about and unimaginable by most.  Our experience gives us deeper insight into successfully farming under challenging conditions.

We offer a range of customized services:

One-On-One Consulting
A member of the Combat Farming team will work with individuals in need of agriculture consulting for farm projects covering one or more acres.   All agriculture topics, crop types and livestock can be discussed.  Onsite consulting is available for locations in the continental United States.

Farm Set-Up Planning
A member of the Combat Farming team will work with individuals who own or are purchasing land and are in need of planning assistance to layout their farm efficiently.  Farms should be a minimum of a one acre in size and located in the continental United States.  Advice on crops and livestock will be given as is relates to farm layout and planting schedules.

Farm Operations
Combat Farming will operate an individual’s farm for a season or longer to establish a routine of productivity, making you self-reliant and your farm sustainable.

Additional services may be available, including assistance with international projects.  Please contact us using our contact form to discuss your specific needs.